PDO AfterGlo ™ In Bastrop, TX

PDO AfterGlo ™

We offer a revolutionary treatment called PDO AfterGlo™ that harnesses the power of Polydioxanone Serum to deliver a remarkable enhancement to your skin. PDO threads, which are composed of the same biodegradable polymer as this new serum, have been safely used in various surgeries for over 30 years and have become a leading non-invasive aesthetic procedure. PDO is an ingredient that is certified by the FDA and naturally dissolves and is absorbed by the body in about 6-12 months. As it is dissolves, it aids in the production of collagen.This non-surgical procedure has gained popularity for its ability to stimulate collagen production and provide natural-looking results. Read on to learn more about the treatment, how it is performed, and the numerous benefits it offers.

Benefits of PDO AfterGlo™ Treatment