Membership Agreement

Piney Woods Aesthetics LLC Membership Agreement

(Hereinafter may be referred to as The Membership)

______ The REGEN Family of Memberships are for use at Piney Woods Aesthetics LLC only and is not transferable to any other practice, person or client of Piney Woods Aesthetics without express consent from management.

______ Piney Woods Aesthetics LLC offers a variety of memberships. Its base fee structure is maintained on the website and can be found by clicking the membership agreement link found on the Membership page.  You can upgrade to any REGEN Membership you desire as long as it does not cause a missed monthly payment and, services within that plan do not overlap with previous treatments wherein a negative impact would be experienced by Piney Woods Aesthetics. You can contact us if you have questions. The Current REGEN Memberships and monthly fees are as follows; REGEN Facial $110.00 | REGEN Premiere Facial $134.00 | REGEN Signature Facial $184.00 | REGEN Tox and Glow $279.00 | REGEN Simply IPL $134.00 | REGEN Premiere IPL $179.00 | REGEN Premiere IPL Plus $229.00

______ There are no enrollment fees in any of our Memberships. However, should you cancel your membership and want to join back into the plan, there is a $95.00 Set Up Fee.

______ JMossMed, LLC is the name that will appear on your monthly Credit Card Statements.  ​

______ REGEN Membership Fees are paid to cover the services each Membership provides. There is no accumulation of funds such as one might find in a beauty bank scenario. You are receiving the services offered in each REGEN Membership at the intervals the membership provides, at a greatly reduced price. The number of members in the families of REGEN Memberships, allows us to provide this reduced rate, as it increases volume. The responsibility to follow the scheduled appointments are your own. You cannot come into the practice in month 12 wanting to receive 11 months of services. IT JUST DOES NOT WORK THAT WAY. So, make sure to show up for your appointments. Reasonable adjustments to your schedule of up to 9 days will be allowed. As an example, if your plan includes 4 IPL treatments per year, these are scheduled every three months from the date you joined. If your scheduled next appointment was let’s say June 20th and you cancel, you will have until June 29th to reschedule that appointment, or the treatment will be forfeited, and we will move onto your next treatment. This is imperative for the good of all members as any other way would be chaos and create an undue burden on the system and the members.

______ All Piney Woods Aesthetics REGEN Memberships may be cancelled at any time. The services provided within each membership expires at the end of the 12th month of enrollment. Each Membership and the services within it will automatically renew each year.

______  It is Understood that in the REGEN Unlimited Tox and Glow Plan That if the Tox treatment is wanted at the time you join the Membership, you will pay the discounted rate up front for the first treatment. Otherwise, your first treatment will begin in month 3.

______ To cancel a Membership, notify us in person at our office or by email. It is understood that there are no refunds of membership fees paid nor are there to be any balance of services not performed to be rendered or redeemed. The services in each plan end upon cancelation.

______  It is understood that App Reward Points are not rewarded for membership payments. They are rewarded for any purchases outside of the membership plan.

______ The monthly Membership starts the day you sign up for your REGEN Membership and is automatically billed on the same day of each subsequent month. Your Membership discounts and benefits are in effect each month thereafter as long as payments continue. For example, if you sign up on January 16th, 2024, you have until January 16th, 2025, to use your monthly Member benefits per the schedule of each plan. As an example, if you are in the REGEN Facial Plan you have 4 AquaFirmeXS Facials per year, these are scheduled in 3-month intervals. Once those intervals have passed, the services expire. Except for the 9-day free period as described above.

______ You and you alone are responsible for following the appointed scheduled treatments. We send a reminder email prior to each appointment. There is no excuse for missing or not rescheduling during your 9-day window.

______ Monthly membership fees are drafted on a 30-day rolling basis and are typically withdrawn on or about the same date each month thereafter.

______ Membership discounts do not apply to training, modeling and flash sale specials. Under no circumstances can they be combined with any other special or special event pricing including discount packages where the discount of the promotion or special is already greater than the memberships stated discount.

______ “TOX” Treatments in the REGEN Unlimited Tox and Glow Membership, cannot and will not exceed FDA dosage guidelines. The Unlimited Tox and Glow Memberships Tox Treatment is for Upper Face only. Crow’s Feet, Glabella and Forehead will be treated.

______ Any Membership fee that is returned for insufficient funds, incorrect card number or card information is considered in arrears and payment is due to continue services. If a Membership is considered in arrears, Membership services and discounts will not be available for use, nor will any other services be provided until balance is paid up to and including the current month(s) due.

______ Membership fee cannot be offset by any in store credit and must be paid by a Visa/Mastercard/American Express/Discover and must be in patient’s name.

______ Piney Woods Aesthetics LLC maintains the right to change the membership program at its discretion by giving a 30-day notice of such changes to its members via email.

______ Specific Provider availability is not and cannot be guaranteed. All our providers go through our rigorous training process.

______ Members agree to abide and conduct themselves in a civil manner when dealing with any staff member or will be removed from the membership as well as Piney Woods Aesthetics Client Roster.  ​

______ Membership payments made are not refundable under any circumstances.

______ Member agrees any disputes not able to be settled in our office amongst ourselves, will be settled in Bastrop County Texas by a professional Third-Party Arbitrator doing business in Bastrop County mutually agreed upon. If any part of this agreement is deemed unlawful, it is agreed that the remaining parts of the agreement will remain in effect.

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